/ Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Director: Acad. VIOREL BĂDESCU

Deputy Director: Dr. MAGDA STAVINSCHI

Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. DAN GABRIEL SÎMBOTIN
Deputy Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. NARCIS ZÃRNESCU
Editorial Secretary:    Conf. Dr. MARIN VLADA  
Deputy Editorial Secretary: Dr. ANA-MARIA LEPÃR


  1. Dr. ALEXANDRU BOLOGA (Sciences)
  2. Prof. Dr. OCTAVIAN BUDA (Sciences)
  3. Dr. GEORGE CROITORU (Technology)
  4. Eng. MIHAI PALFI (Technology)
  5. Conf. Dr. CÃTÃLIN IONIŢÃ (Logic, Methodology and Philosophy)
  6. Dr. SORIN BAICULESCU (Logic, Methodology and Philosophy)

All papers/articles proposed for publication will be subject to double blind peer review at two members of the Editorial Board.