NOESIS JOURNAL (since 1972)

Romanian Academy Publishing House – ISSN 1223-4249


Year 2022  – Celebration 5o years


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NOESIS JOURNAL (since 1972), NEW SERIES -Romanian Academy Publishing House – ISSN 1223-4249; Year 2022  – Celebration 5o years

  • Scientific Journal of Romanian Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique
  • Travaux du Comité Roumain d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Science et Technique
  • NOESIS Journal was founded by acad. ATHANASIE JOJA in 1972 and appeared until 2015.
    Since 2021 NOESIS it appears in a new edition.

NOESIS Journal is a periodic publication, issued in foreign languages by the Romanian Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique (CRIFST) and it is meant for the publishing of studies regarding “History and Philosophy of Science and Technique” or of scientific papers presented at CRIFST scientific sessions by the territorial Branches and Subsidiaries, and also of other articles issued by CRIFST members and others.

The research areas. The research areas that the journal promotes are specific IUHPST (International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology), Union structured in two divisions: DHST (Division of History of Science and Technology) and DLMPST (Division of Logic, Methodology and
Philosophy of Science and Technology).

Objectives. The general objective of the publication is to promote valuable Romanian research in the fields of History and Philosophy Science and Technology at national and international level by publishing studies and scientific articles, reviews, articles to promote scientific activities.
The Journal as a publication: 2 issues / year; number of pages per year: about 250 pages

Publication structure: The Journal will be published in English and French. The type of articles will be: studies, scientific articles, reviews and promotional articles. The Journal may publish thematic supplements.

Thematic Sections. The main sections of the journal are:

  1. Logic and Philosophy of Science
  2. History of Science
  3. History of Technology
  4. Scientific Events


INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS – Template download – Papers_Author_Guidelines (.doc)

  • FULL Articles – Sending the articles to the address noesis[at]crifst.ro

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